Stipulated Price projects

With this type of mandate, we use a traditional construction approach, regardless of the project’s scope or complexity. Trust the Germano Construction (CCG) team to undertake the work according to plans and specifications, all the while respecting your timeline and budget.

Construction project management

CCG offers project management services, which consist of overseeing construction on behalf of the owner. For this type of mandate, the owner is the primary contractor who issues work to sub-contractors.

Design-Build projects

In this model, CCG wholly undertakes the role of the owner, overseeing every stage from design through to official opening. We assume all responsibility for execution and issue mandates to the architects, engineers and other professionals who will complete the project.

Disaster restoration

This service consists of restoration work following water or fire damage in a commercial, industrial or residential building. CCG will undertake reconstruction works and collaborate with all partners to ensure that the established and approved budget is respected.

Project management

With this type of project, CCG provides consulting services that guide the owner through every stage of the project, from choosing professionals and designing the building through to construction and project completion.

Emergency services

In business, timing is everything. That’s why CCG offers quick emergency services that will keep your operations going even while work is being done. Were you the victim of vandals? Do your facilities need temporary protection? Contact us for more information.








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Health and social services

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Health and social services

About Germano Construction

Founded in Laval, Quebec in 1978, Germano Construction (CCG) is a general contractor specializing in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential construction. Over the years, this family company has achieved great landmarks and expanded its operations, all the while maintaining the highest quality standards.

A second generation of Germanos, as well as a strong organizational team, ensure the administration and management of every project. We approach each new mandate by listening to our clients, because they are our priority business partners.

We also rely on modern technology to plan, manage and execute our projects, regardless the size or complexity. In fact, we have respected ISO 9001 procedures, instructions and forms since 2008, as part of our internal quality assurance program.

Our mission

Whatever the mandate, we are committed to earning client satisfaction by offering superior-quality services and constructions. In recommending innovative solutions, we help our clients achieve the best return on investment for every construction project they entrust us with.

Our values

Health and safety

At CCG, ensuring the health and safety of our workers, clients and partners is a priority. To do so, we are members of a prevention mutual group that provides guidelines for construction sites, enabling us to implement a customized prevention program for each project.


Our company pledges to adopt the best practices in project management and promises transparency in every stage of every project that we undertake.

Sharing knowledge

In order to help our workforce continuously develop skills, we encourage senior employees to share their knowledge and expertise with the next generation. This generates enriching interactions on a daily basis and creates an exceptional synergy in our workplace.