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Construction Germano is a family business founded in 1978 that operates as a general contractor in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential sectors. Since its founding, the company has grown and the team has diversified, developing its expertise and offering high-quality construction services.

The next generation is ready to take its place and has that entrepreneurial spirit.  Germano Construction is committed to project administration and management. For each of our mandates, we focus on actively listening to the client—our leading business partner to build lasting relationships with our collaborating clients.

We integrate superior technologies to turn projects into reality. Germano Construction is an expert in project planning, management, and execution. We ensure excellence in our work.

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Germano Construction is committed to transparency, integrity, and continuous dedication while working on the various projects we undertake.

Knowledge sharing

Germano Construction promotes and encourages knowledge sharing with the aim of improving our team’s performance and expertise. This valuable knowledge sharing allows recruits to quickly advance and develop unshakeable confidence in fulfilling mandates. We are committed to the continuous training and specialization of our team.

Health and safety

The health and safety of workers on site, users, clients, and our collaborators are paramount in designing projects. We focus on closely collaborating with project stakeholders to ensure prevention and maintain safe work sites. Since 2005, Germano Construction has been a member of an ACQ mutuelle de prévention, which provides the company with guidance and support with CNESST.

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Our mission

Germano Construction has provided solutions in construction since 1978. By delivering innovative proposals while respecting budgets and providing unrivalled service and support, we ensure client satisfaction. Regardless of the mandate, clients can count on us to make projects happen.
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Sustainable building

Considerate and committed, we contribute to protecting and preserving the environment. Thus, we have incorporated eco-friendly and sustainable practices into our work. We take Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) training courses, and provide LEED guidance to our clients to achieve their certification goals

  • Ecological site management
  • Effective water management
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • Quality indoor environments
  • Innovative design
  • Regional priority
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