Waverly Building — Renovations

Project — Management contract

Address — 6795 Marconi Street, Montreal, and 6820 Waverly Street, Montreal, QC (corner of Beaumont)

Year of completion — 2019

Area – 150 000 sq. ft.

Number of floors – 6

In partnership with the Ombrage firm, who was mandated by Property Manager Canderel, Germano Construction transformed an existing industrial building connected to an office building in Mile-Ex into 31 610 square feet of high-tech office space.

The Germano Construction team worked diligently to demolish part of the existing structure to add a new six-story structure. Different types of expertise were needed to carry out this major renovation. Complex underground, architecture, structure, mechanical, and electrical work was executed over the project’s three phases.

The construction was completed within a tight timeframe at the client’s request. The Germano Construction team is proud to have worked with Group Ombrage and is grateful for all the support from the experienced collaborators who participated in this project’s success.

The Canderel office building is currently occupied by Microsoft.